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Why Content Is Crucial To Your Website

Just 2% – 3% of websites are able to produce enough traffic and revenue. Why? The main explanation boils down to content. Depending on the aims of the website (some only want to have an online presence), content is key to success.

Here’s an example to describe it. If you have an offline store, the primary source of traffic would be location and visibility. For instance, if you run a clothing store in a busy shopping district or a shopping mall. By setting up an enticing window display and products, you can create enough traffic to turn it to sales.

This is not the case online. You don’t take advantage of the passersby, who see your window and then enter your store. Much of the time, people on the Internet are not looking for you or your website. They are looking for details or solutions. In other words, it’s the content of your website that has the power to bind visitors to your site. So, getting good content online is just as important as having a good location offline.

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Search Engine Optimization

To prevent the fatal error made by 97%-98% of websites, you must create your own traffic. How is that? By offering high value content quest to your target market. High value content is an important SEO tool to boost the rating of your website. It’s kind of like a chain reaction. The more high-quality content you turn into the more search engine-friendly your site gets, the more likely it is to draw potential customers to your site, resulting in more traffic and better sales chances.

Build Reputation

Do not underestimate online users’ intellect. Such fundamental research is always conducted first before they decide to buy. Recall that a lot of information is vying for the attention of the online customer, so your content must be just what they are searching for. Internet surfers typically just need to check a website around 3-5 seconds to decide to continue, return or switch to another website. Your content should be within this short time frame:

  • Get ready for fast transmission of your key points
  • Build yourself as the authority to gain your future customers trust.
  • Offer advice and action to them. Tell them what to do.

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Social Media

Content quality is at the core of the success of social networking. Social media have the authority to use links to advertise your website. If you continuously create value-producing content, people will be connected to it quickly. These ties generate traffic and boost the ranking of your search engine.

  • You want people to visit your website and come back to them over and over.
  • Just like your best salesman, you want to turn visitors to sales and get significant profits from them.



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