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Can Multiple Domains Improve Your SEO Strategy?

The response to that question is a capital NO… Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

I know some of you are curious as to why I said NO to this. Contrary to a familiar but out-of-date notion, purchasing several domains with your key phrases and directing them to your website simply does not work. To elaborate,,, techynista, and techynista are all domains with keyword-rich material. The plan was to direct them to techynista .com and profit from the numerous, low-cost domains.

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The explanation for this is due to search engine’s ability to get smarter over time. We all saw the price of domains drop from $35/year to $8 – $15/year early on. 

If you have several domains, you must have multiple content-rich websites. That is a significant amount of work. It is possible, but, as with anything else, it is not inexpensive. You did have to commit to each website you design, create content around it, and then market it.

My advice to clients is to focus on developing their brand and core website rather than trying to create a slew of smaller websites.


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