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What Is An Online Sales Conversion?

“Optimize your website to maximize your online conversions” – have you been hearing the same old phrase for some time now? If it is, then you are not alone!

As marketers, we appear to forget, like any small business owner, that not everyone in our world lives.

We are talking about technical terminology like sales funnels, content management systems, sales conversions, etc. So I thought I would start a series of blog posts that go into depth on some of the more convulsed but familiar terms.

What is an Online Sales Conversion?

An online conversion happens when your website user completes the action you want them to take while on your website. Some typical activities involve filling out a specific form on your website, purchasing your product or service, downloading your eBook, subscribing to your newsletter, and making a phone call.

However, online sales conversions go beyond that. Here are a few examples of websites and their online conversion objectives:

Online Conversion for E-commerce Website

If you have an e-commerce website, you may have more than one conversion goal. For instance, online conversion can be achieved with the following actions:

  • When your customers make a purchase
  • When they signed up for your latest deals
  • When they have added a new offer to their shopping cart when they are on your website.
  • When they start using your product page

Online Sales Conversion for Media/Content/Publication Website:

Do you have a website devoted to publishing content to targeted readers? If yes, you should apply the following to your online sales conversions:

  • The number of articles read
  • They subscribed to your newsletter
  • The number of readers who viewed your web pages
  • Bounce rate (your readers’ clicks onto your web pages)

Online Conversion for Lead Generation Websites:

If your industry is related to converting your prospects into successful customers, you can make the following online conversions:

  • Make users of your website complete a form
  • Get them to click on the “Contact Us” page of your website.

Examples of Businesses with Successful Online Conversion

SAP.COM Increased the Size of Their Call-To-Action Button

Previously, had a small blue link to the “Add to Cart” option. In order to maximize online conversions, the company moved it to a larger, orange button. This improved their conversions to 32%.

Performable Changed Their Button Colour

Performable had a simple and succinct CTA on their website, “Get Started Now.” They reviewed the homepage by adding two CTAs to each other. One was red and the other was green while the text was the same. Interestingly, this observation was made: 21 percent more website visitors clicked on the red CTA. Because red attracts more publicity, it has been shown that changing the colour of the button has increased online conversions.

What is Your Website Sales Conversion?

So, when you look at your website, what’s your conversion? What is the aim of your website in your business marketing plan? Even if it’s a static website, it’s meant to reassure visitors that you exist as well as trust you. The next target is a phone call.

Not sure what kind of conversion your website needs or need to change to? We can perform a proper strategy review and help guide your digital marketing.


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