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Six Reasons Why You Should Separate Your Email From Your Website Hosting

I’ve been hosting websites for my clients as a web designer for about 5 years. I enjoy being able to offer my customers a service in which I have some control over the server configuration and am not relying on anyone else’s bad customer service or lack of functionality and specifications.

Hosting a company’s website and email at the same time seems to have been very difficult in the last two or three years. As the business expands, workers are hired, suppliers are contracted, and email becomes increasingly necessary and prevalent.

It’s not that the structure of email has changed or that the volume of email has increased; it’s just that the technology that surrounds it has. Email is becoming increasingly popular, especially in business. As the demand and use of business-grade email grow, so do user expectations.

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Our dependency on email is unlikely to change in the near future.

Do you know?

  • According to Statistica, there are 3.9 billion email accounts in 2019.
  • According to the 2019 Adobe Email Use Report, consumers check their business email 209 times per day and personal email 143 times per day.
  • According to Campaign Monitor, mobile devices account for 50% of all email opens.

Here are Top 6 Reasons why you Should Separate Your Email and Website:

1. It’s Known As The “All Eggs in One Basket” Syndrome.

It is best not to do this with your email, just as you would not with your financial investments. If it isn’t already, email will become a part of your everyday routine as you grow. If something goes wrong with your web server, your email will suffer as well. Splitting your email onto its own server will save you from the agony of being without email for hours.

2. Mobile Technology Today.

It was once acceptable to use the POP3 email address that came with your web hosting. POP3 is a one-way communication protocol. We were used to having a single device on which all of our emails were sent. With mobile technology such as cell phones, tablet computers, and iPads, we can now access our email from a variety of platforms. Having your email synced using systems such as Exchange or Gmail Apps will improve your workflow because it allows you to sync your emails through various technologies.

3. 24/7 Reliability.

It is important that your email is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your email is unavailable for more than 3 or 4 hours, it can cost you money. When you host your email with a company that specializes in email, support will be more targeted and supportive. They are primarily responsible for keeping your email server operational rather than ensuring the functionality of your website and email.

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4. Web Hosting Service.

A web host can be a great host for a website, providing reliability and speed, but their email service leaves a lot to be desired. Email service can be interrupted from time to time. Since most people use a shared web hosting service, where you share your domain and IP address with hundreds of other people, you run the risk of your IP being blocked and flagged as spam because another user on your server has been compromised and is unintentionally sending spam mail. That could be difficult to correct.

5. Transitioning

If you need to switch web hosts, keeping your email separate will make the transfer easier. If your website is continually down, sluggish, or simply needs to be upgraded, moving it isn’t as difficult. The most difficult aspect of switching web hosting companies is switching your addresses. You must ensure that there is either nothing on the servers and that you have downloaded all of them, or that there is a way to back up the accounts. Consider the inconvenience of potentially having to import the email messages.

6. More Features

Hosting your email outside of your web hosting account normally provides you with a lot of extra space (up to 50GB), automatic backups, shared calendars, and file storage. It is determined by the organization that hosts your email server.

Recommendation for Email Hosting Services

MS Office 365:

Google Apps


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