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5 Google ADWORD Success Tips

Google AdWords is a marketing tool designed to help you display advertisements and promote your products or services online. Because Google handles hundreds of millions of searches per day, it makes sense to build simple, effective advertise and display them to individuals who are already exploring online for information about your company.

Paid search marketing is appealing to a wide range of organizations. The pricing plan is competitive and relevant to your budget, so even if you start with a “shoestring” budget, Google AdWords is still accessible. Simply put, AdWords provides precision targeting and measurability, as well as massive reach, and it is possible to achieve a high ROI on a wide scale.

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AdWords, when handled and set up correctly, can assist businesses improve web traffic, in-store traffic, brand recognition, and sales while lowering marketing expenses. If you are utilizing Google AdWords to grow your business, keep the following ideas in mind:

1. Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Take time to create a list of precise keywords that potential buyers might use to locate you via search engines. The Google keyword tool is an excellent place to begin, and it is completely free! One of the most common and costly AdWords mistakes is concentrating all of your efforts on favorable keywords that drive visitors. Don’t forget to create a list of negative keywords (phrases you don’t want people to discover you for). If you are selling gold watches, for example, you did use the negative term “silver.” A comprehensive list of negative keywords can dramatically improve the quality of your traffic and your CTR (click-through-rate).

2. Include A Call To Action

Ad copy is critical to the success of your AdWords campaign. AdWords can appear difficult with quality score and campaign optimization; Ad Copy, on the other hand, is significantly less sophisticated and works best when kept clean and simple. A strong call to action in your ad language is critical to the success of any campaign. Give your prospective customers that extra push to urge them to buy now, call now, etc.

3. PPC Can Help Boost Organic Traffic

Relying solely on free search engine traffic is a dangerous strategy. An SEO campaign typically takes 6-12 months to get up and running, whereas an AdWords campaign takes impact and provides results nearly instantly if properly set up. With an AdWords campaign, you have far greater control over the constancy of traffic. To achieve a broad web presence, a combination of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) is recommended.

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4. Test and Re-Test Again

AdWords is the world’s most user-friendly testing engine, allowing you to test fresh ad content and landing pages and have Google tell you which ones are the most effective. You can even test places; just because you appear first does not guarantee that you will receive all of the clicks. Sometimes #2 and #3 generate the same number of clicks as #1, but at a cheaper cost. We have worked with a number of clients that saved a significant amount of money by testing their offers and message with AdWords before diving into production and sales.

5. Don’t Forget to Keep Track

The amount of data available about your campaign via AdWords reports, Analytics, and other technologies is astounding. You can accurately track the efficiency of any search word, from the most commonly searched to the best converting and profitable. With this knowledge, you can kick-start your SEO campaign, assisting in getting your website ranked highly in organic search results for the most profitable search terms.


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