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What Tech Startup Landscape Looks Like In Nigeria

Nigeria is quickly becoming a tech start-up hub in West Africa. Why is this happening? This startup culture started back in the late nineties when companies like Microsoft and MTN came to town.

The government agency responsible for attracting inward investment to Nigeria has done a good job of attracting some of the best global organizations to the country.

Twenty years on and Nigeria has been able to draw the likes of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dropbox, and many more. So, seen from a global perspective, Nigeria is the place to invest if you want to get a foothold in Africa, particularly if you are in the digital space.

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Along the way, a few startups have spawned out (In fact, Techynista is one of them – I used to work for a well-known tech company as a System Administrator, and since then I  have been looking forward to starting my own company. Now, I have started three separate businesses!). Nowadays, we are in the eye of a start-up storm, with hundreds of entrepreneurs raising their heads above the parapet every week. All these people are looking for funding, office space, and money to grow their company, from concept to completion.

Literally thousands of supporting companies – the start-up eco-system – are now coming to the fore to sustain and promote this development. One such support form of company is the Venture Capital sector, which can provide financial support for the growth of new tech start-ups.

Ye! Community is one of the newest VC to come onto the market. This is an online community for young entrepreneurs between 15 and 35 years old. ‪Ye! connects young entrepreneurs around the world and links them to various tools, resources and opportunities to support the growth of their startups. 

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‪Ye! Community is open to all young entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship or would like to support young entrepreneurs. In a brilliant piece of marketing, the lads in Ye! Community has produced and released a snapshot of their community value, along with a list of locations and country guidelines for assistance.

If you have something to do with technology, startup, or digital, then the hyperlinks above are a must-read short and succinct, but full of nuggets.

The only thing I did say is that they are missing from the study is where these startups are trained to market their companies. But, if you meet their criteria, apply for a (free) full membership here! What are you waiting for? Start connecting and growing your startup today!

Partner Organizations

If your organization is also trying to make a difference by supporting young entrepreneurs, and you are interested in partnering with the ‪Ye!‬ Community, please contact them here. 


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