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3 Tools That Every Digital Marketer Should Have in Their Toolbox

Being a digital marketer is challenging. You are always hurrying to meet a tight deadline or straining to satisfy a stringent KPI. You are the content marketer, the search engine expert, the designer, the tea maker, the workplace prankster…yes, time is of the essence.

However, you are not alone in navigating the digital marketing landscape. We have chosen our three favorite tools that any digital marketer should have in their toolkit. They are the ones who will assist you in achieving, tracking, and measuring your KPIs. And, certainly, they are the ones who will help you sleep a little better at night.

Please take this route if you are a digital marketing stress head looking for a little more tranquility in your day…

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1. Manage Content Marketing with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a content management solution that identifies which topic performs best for any niche, competitor, or influencer. It also helps you to track the effectiveness of your content marketing.

BuzzSumo, which allows you to search for and find the best performing posts by topics and date range, can be utilized to generate ideas for your next blog post. You may also use it to create a ‘Content Alert’ to track a specific topic or a competitor’s content activity.

BuzzSumo is also a content measuring tool that allows you to enter your domain (or a competitor’s domain) and analyze the performance of your content over the last 6 months. This monitors everything from your top-performing blog subjects to your ideal blog length and the average number of shares your posts receive.

You can look for and identify significant influencers for your inbound marketing efforts. Determine who has shared an article (either yours or a popular article of a competitor). If influential people shared the content, make a note of them and approach them for your own inbound plan.

To use imply BuzzSumo simply signin to your account and choose the action you want to perform from the top navigation bar. Choose from ‘Top Content,’ ‘Influencers,’ ‘Content Alerts,’ or ‘Reports.’ Then just input the link, website, or topic you want to search for and click ‘Search.’ The remainder is handled by BuzzSumo.


1-5 users, 15 alerts/20,000 mentions, exportable data, content analysis, and domain reports (€99 per month).

2. Boost Your Conversions with Sniply

Sniply is a link-shortening application that allows you to enhance traffic to your website or conversions on a landing page.

Sniply is ideal for sharing content from other websites while directing people back to your own website or landing page. It enables you to construct a snippet (or banner) that appears at the bottom of a web page when a user clicks on your selected link.

The user gets shown a call to action of your choice. When a person clicks on your call to action, they are directed to a web page or landing page of your choice. Sniply offers a one-of-a-kind option to let you keep some of the traffic you lose by sharing third-party links and information on social media.

Snips can be displayed on both your own and third-party web pages. Simply copy and paste a link from one of your social media accounts into the box on your Sniply dashboard before sharing it.

After that, you will be invited to make your snip (Sniply allows you to customise your snip to display the text, colour, logo and call to action of your choice). All clicks and conversions on individual snippets are tracked and shown in an easy-to-use Analytics dashboard.

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  • Paid package: (€19 per month) perks: You may fully customize your snips to match your logo, and you can have up to five user accounts per account.
  • Free package: Create an infinite amount of shortened links, 100 monthly conversions, and one user profile per account.

3. Build Stunning Landing Pages with Unbounce

Unbounce is a technology that enables you to construct easy and attractive landing pages without the assistance of a developer or designer. It also allows you to A/B split test the performance of your landing pages.

Unbounce is a useful solution for businesses who do not have in-house developers or designers. It may be used to develop, tweak, and publish user-friendly responsive landing pages. Unbounce is an excellent tool for learning how to optimize your most critical pages for the maximum conversion rate possible because it allows you to test the success of your landing page performance.

Unbounce is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily construct your landing pages. It is completely customizable, so you can ensure that the design you use reflects your business. Unbounce also lets you create a form without using HTML – all you have to do is select the fields you want to see.


Pro Plan (€199 per month): construct an infinite number of landing pages, receive 100,000 unique visitors each month, and use configurable templates.


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