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Top 5 Ways To Capture Your Customer

Are you their solution?

When I have that initial talk with a new client, whether they just opened their businesses or just need a website redesign, I realize that my clients need a brief lesson about how to talk to their customers. Not in person, of course, but speaking to them through their website.

They are trying to help but they really don’t know how or where to start. They know they are successful, they have something special to offer, otherwise, they wouldn’t be in business. We have a worksheet that can help spark some ideas, but there’s still a dialogue that needs to happen before they really understand the kind of content that I need on each web page.

I like to remind people to get rid of material that can be summed up as “we exist and you should buy from us.” Well, I hate to say it sometimes, but it needs to be said, your customers don’t… really, really, really care.  I’m sorry, but that’s true. Your potential customers don’t care about your business and they don’t care or are tired of hearing about your standard service, your specific viewpoint, or how you can meet expectations. Then you will give them to the dreaded laundry service list.

Honestly, the only thing they want to hear is that you are going to help them FIX THEIR PROBLEM. I’m going to say it again in a different way. Your customers have a problem; how are you going to fix it? They have found you on the site, or they have been referred to you, and they hope you can solve their problem. Can you? Will you? How are you going to convince them that you can?

This is where the content on your website is going to help you make the sale. Most of the content on the websites is packed with what is considered a self-centered copy. It’s packed with how great the business is, how great their programs are, and how many features they have. The issue is that your customers have already been to or are about to visit your competitors and have probably learned exactly the same thing.

So, what do you need to do? To start with, speak to your customers and ask questions. What are the questions? What is their response?

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1. Be Unique.

The biggest question you need to ask yourself is, “What makes me special in my competition? “Yes, everybody has quality support, core principles, customer-driven protocols, etc. Blah.-Blah. So what’s different about your product or service? Can you give a boutique-style, one-on-one consultation or do you have a professional team with 15 years of combined experience? Do your CPAs work with you and your accountant separately, include detailed reports only for your form of business? Do your doctors attend the latest conferences every year to keep up with the latest skincare techniques? Does your company give quick turn-around or no-hazard returns?

2.Become A Problem Solver.

Tell yourself the many, many questions that your clients have asked you and apply them on your website. I told a client to imagine that he was sitting in front of his biggest or best customer  (the general manager of a clothing line). You have to sell to him or her that you have what it takes, and you have a team that you train personally, you have to make sure that every member knows the correct procedures and on-time service because you have been doing this kind of work for 10 years. If you are an A/C repairman, what kind of issues do people have with you? Cool air isn’t so cool? Do you need daily maintenance on your A/C? Only ask the question. Give them the solution, then.

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3. Super Clear And Simple.

Scanning is usually the way the consumer reads the website. Don’t hide behind cute, poetic sayings and long paragraphs of your services. The folks have little time. Using bullets and brief paragraphs of bold words and headlines. Be poetic and long-winded on your own blog, not on your company’s website.

4. Remove Jagons.

We know that your consumers are already familiar with your services, and many may already know your industry’s jargon, but my point is to make the content clear enough for everyone to read and understand what you are doing. You never know who the researcher may be who passes your name to the decision-maker. Technical jargon may mean different things to different people. Now, to be honest, there are websites that are simply not intended to offer a service. There are websites that we create that are intended only as a bidding tool, so it can be useful to use jargon. But, as a rule, I try to stay clear of them.

5. Show Yourself And Have Fun.

Okay, I said to not be cute, but don’t be afraid to show YOU. It’s all right to be a little relaxed and give some personality. Don’t be so rigid that you are going to get off as superior. Maybe the pictures of your workers in silly hats show how well you all work together and chat about how serious you are in your business but still have fun.

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Be mindful of what your customers want to do. Be transparent. That really is the bottom line. Avoid worrying about yourself and listen to your consumers and clients. What they are trying to learn from you to make them buy from you. What’s going to help them make the important decision to call or email you? The days of online brochure websites are over, people are searching for value.


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