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The 7 Secrets About Email Marketing Only A Handful Of People Know

For the vast majority of marketers working in businesses all around the world, email marketing is a critical sales technique. It assists them in gaining greater attention for their products and services.

There are various advantages to adopting it, whether it is an e-commerce site or a professional blog. Like:

  • the simplicity of usage, the rapid turnaround time, and the lower technical requirements

They make email marketing a sure-fire technique to establish a strong internet presence.

Today, email marketing is used not only to offer the best bargains or to invite new consumers, but also to follow-up with subscribers and maintain a discussion with them.

It has evolved into a method of strengthening commercial partnerships.

Aside from traditional marketing approaches, many emails in your inbox adhere to a very easy and convenient mode of communication. The majority of them make use of photos or infographics.

However, this is only ONE secret that every marketer aspires to have in their marketing approach.

Here are seven such wonderful secrets that will help you boost your email marketing approach and that most people are unaware of.

Secrets of Email Marketing

1. Identify your potential customers.

While it may appear to be a common idea, putting it into practice yields benefits. Keep in mind that an email marketing campaign is only as good as the research that goes into it.

An e-commerce store marketer can research their client’s business and gain insight into their mind. They learn about:

  • What are their pain spots,
  • What excites them,
  • Where do they discover their successes,
  • And what projects are they now working on?

All of this provides an insider’s view of what will be presented next and addresses their immediate demands. This also aids in broadening the consumer base and reaching out to more potential business contacts.

In a typical email marketing plan, marketers send mailers to their specific set of clients in exchange for the information that they have with them.

An email campaign emphasizing women’s running shoes to male buyers, for example, is a relatively effortless process.

It can be even worse if it sends the message to the client or email subscriber that you have no idea about their true needs, causing them to dismiss future emails from you.

You may also track your potential clients throughout many interfaces and use that information to create personalized communications.

Tracking client behavior and profiles has become simple, whether online or in retail establishments.

Keep track of the amount of clicks, browsing habits, and actual purchases. This reveals a significant amount about each individual.

Marketers utilize this information to create personalized communications for their customers.

Overall, these emails are critical for the organization because personalized communication leads to increased conversions.

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2. Make use of an actual person’s name.

According to studies, using a real person’s name in the sender’s name increases the email open rate. Never use IDs such as “no-reply” or “services,” instead use your name or the owner’s name of the company.

Many start-ups play this game by using their founder’s name in special promotions.

It is possible that your readers will not see the name of the website, application, or person in the sender’s field of an email at times.

Do you think they’d be interested in opening it?

If it is able to bypass their spam filters, it is likely that it will not register an image in their memory.

People are less likely to open messages from unknown individuals or brands with whom they have never interacted.

According to a recent study, using a man’s name rather than a brand resulted in a 33 percent increase in open rates. However, it also resulted in a 150 percent increase in the unsubscribe list.

However, if your company’s CEO or brand is well-known, utilizing its name as a subject line is an excellent way to enhance your open rate.

Also, utilize a familiar image alongside the name to make it more recognized. A trusted known name is a better option than a random strange email ‘From‘ name.

Similarly, I use the same profile photo throughout all social networks, blogs, and video portals.

Apart from start-ups, larger corporations have begun to use this strategy for a more customized touch.

3. Make your email appealing.

Every day, around 100 billion emails are sent. Consider the deluge of spontaneous and spammy messages that an individual is subjected to on a daily basis.

Do you believe he/she will read your email from this massive list? If you add an offering in your mail, there is a chance.

You may provide your customers with something exceptional, something that will persuade them to open your emails.

  • This can take the shape of profit-generating data such as research papers, infographics, or whitepapers.
  • It could even be an enticing collection of promotions on best-sellers or monetary temptations such as discounts.
  • You can also experiment with free gifts, referral prizes, increased loyalty perks, and so on.

4. Create smart email content.

While your subject line should be interesting, the entire email should be entertaining as well. Marketers pique their customers’ interest enough for them to open and read an email.

If the email body content is inadequate, future mails from the company will be erased without delay.

Marketers generate emails with a strong title that conveys the idea quickly.

Though the subject line of the email may contain a clear offer, it should be followed by the appropriate quantity of data (if necessary) and a strong call to action.

A normal email should begin with a strong opening line that establishes a connection with the recipient.

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5. Instill a sense of urgency.

No matter how good an offer is, unless there is a deadline attached to it, no customer is going to reach for their wallets right now.

In most cases, an email with the right combination of a compelling headline and an offer that creates a genuine sense of urgency, as well as a loud and unambiguous call to action, works well.

Make time-bound offers to guarantee that your email correspondence motivates customers to act quickly. After the deal expires, include some information about what it was.

Experiment with methods such as limited availability offers or special deals for the “first 100 consumers.” This encourages customers to take advantage of the open door while it remains open.

6. Use social sharing buttons

Clients who receive fantastic deal emails are more likely to share them with their friends and family who share similar interests. You can encourage them to do so by placing social media sharing buttons near the email’s or CTA’s highlights.

It may be a tweetable comment, an appealing offer that can be shared on Facebook, or a cute picture that people can’t stop pinning.

Another excellent way to ensure that your email is seen by consumers who are not on your mailing list is to include a prominent, visible ‘forward’ button in your email.

This way, even if your intended recipient does not read it, you can be certain that it will be delivered to someone who is interested in your products or services.

As a result, it attracts new clients while increasing sales. Make them a different color than the rest of your mailer body to make them stand out.

7. Utilize triggered emails.

According to a research, the majority of e-commerce sites have abandoned carts on their websites. These abandoned carts were worth roughly three trillion dollars in 2014.

Consider how much money may have been saved.

A well-planned email marketing campaign can assist you in bringing back clients who browsed your website but did nothing and converting them into actual sales.

You can accomplish this by sending triggered emails to them within a few hours to remind them of the incomplete order.

This means, customers have a 50% probability of purchasing the full cart or at least one or two goods that they saved.

Triggered messages are ones that you send based on the behavior of your consumers or the profile information of your site visitors or clients.

Open rates for triggered messages remain around half, while CTRs are over 10%, nearly double that of traditional business messages.

It may surprise you to learn that such prompted emails for abandoned shopping carts help businesses earn approximately:

  • $15-$16 per email for fashion and lifestyle, and $1-$2 per email for food and beverages.

Also, provide a visible button to direct the customer to the item page to complete the transaction.

The message should be straightforward as well.

A good triggered email for abandoned shopping carts should be customizable with the client’s name.

Display the delicate details of the item that was abandoned in the cart. Include a link to the abandoned item as well as images of it (I have removed the items from the picture above).

And a fair call to action asking clients to retrieve the abandoned cart before it expires.

Convey the word about the abandoned cart in sets of two to three emails, which will be followed by a series of communications providing a little motivational force, for example, a rebate or free delivery, to entice a quick purchase.

You should also schedule your email cycles and have the ability to format them based on the customer’s activity.

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Misconceptions About Email Marketing

Many people perceive email marketing as merely a promotional technique. This is why many people interpret it as spam.

As a result, even the ones that are important to you end up in the spam folder.

You may have heard marketers use phrases like “email blast” or “email shoot.”

This sounds like a repeating radio commercial or a brochure plastered on the side of a building. This also gives the impression that it is a battle to reach the greatest number of clients.

In short, it was not easy to uncover new paths in internet marketing nearly two decades ago; today, sending emails has made that effort a breeze.

With the rise of start-ups and small to medium-sized organizations, email marketing has found its niche.


Running a successful email marketing campaign today is difficult. Using a spontaneous and creative method, on the other hand, has helped many people get their statistics correct.

According to a recent survey undertaken by a few internet marketing experts:

  • over the last few years, more than 52% of businesses and start-ups have boosted their email marketing expenditure.
  • email marketing has resulted in a large increase in the value of consumer orders.
  • a 17 percent increase in new clients gained through emails as compared to social media platforms

As a result, email marketing is a powerful and easy-to-measure instrument. This helps marketers determine where their actual sales are coming from.

Email marketing strategy is now essential for every online marketing organization. As a result, the approach should be managed efficiently in order to aid in keeping a positive conversation with your customers.


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