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Build Personalised Emails Your Customer Actually “Get,” Want & Read

About half of the emails opened are deleted within 2 seconds.

Would you love to prevent this from happening? Okay, stop generating emails that your customers just don’t care about!

You know the kind of emails we are talking about right?  – meaningless, bulky, salesy, that’s not what your customers want, need, or care for. The kind of emails that solve your bottom-line problems rather than those addressing the needs of your customers.

So, what’s an honest marketer to-do? Start delivering customized, targeted and contextualized emails with profoundly meaningful messages — simple. To make sure your emails are treasured rather than trashed, I would encourage to read this post to the end…

Why Is Personalization Necessary?

  • Personalized emails boost click-through rates by 14 per cent and conversion rates by 10 per cent.
  • Leads that have targeted content show a 20% rise in sales opportunities.
  • Personalized CTAs resulted in a conversion rate of 42 percent higher than generic CTAs.
  • Too many emails (69 percent) and material that is no longer applicable (56 percent) are the key reasons for email subscribers to unsubscribe from a company or non-profit email subscription.
  • 31 per cent of customers are more likely to make purchases if they deliver personalized service such as interactive content.

1. Go On, Get First Name Terms

Who’s not in love with a little first name flattery? You love it when someone takes the time to remember your name. In the same way, the clients would appreciate the fact that you are using theirs. But addressing the customers with their first name doesn’t just appeal to their ego and fulfil their need to feel unique, spoken to and special. It also makes you a better writer.

I ‘m convinced that writing with one person in mind from the outset helps to focus your message on personalisation – helping you remember to write to one particular customer in mind, and not to faceless masses who can not be cared for. It assigns a face to your letter and then adds a beating heart to your message.

2. Talking Like A Human, Not A Sales Machine

Do you clearly remember one of the teachers you loved in school, the one who really inspired you? What made you feel a real connection to this teacher? I think it was the way he/she talked to you, as though you were on the same page. He/she has penetrated you in a way that you want to be met. Aim to be the trainer, even if you have got what you think is a boring B2B brand.

You see, human emails make your clients happy. Robot emails are going to make them mad. So stop forcing your customers to read your boring, overwrought and self-serving messages. You ‘re just one person talking to another, so make your customers feel the same way. And care – show them that you really care about who they are and what they want and what they need.

How to Make Your Emails More Human Friendly:

  • Relax your vocabulary if you want to relax your clients.
  • Imagine that you are a friend to your customer’s – write them an informal email to suit their tone naturally.
  • Delete corporate speech and jargon if you don’t want to sound repetitive and obsolete.
  • Break your emails into shorter, scanned messages that don’t annoy your readers.

3. Aim Contents To Satisfy The Needs Of Your Persona

Having fully-fledged employees would help you create a better and more personalized experience for both your customers and prospective customers. Your email content will then be tailored to meet the unique expectations and desires of your target customers.

Focus on your reader as one person (instead of considering the thousands of people you may be reaching out to). That way, as a single person, you will concentrate on the listener, helping you reach them with a more compelling message. The aim of your persona is to make measured decisions about the kind of problems that your customers need to solve – use this knowledge to make the meat of your messages.

Content Marketing Checklist For 2021

Here’s How To Build A Strong Person:

  • Start by listing the demographics of your target person – such as age, gender and location.
  • Build a list of questions that will give you a better picture of the kind of problems your customers want to solve.
  • Using the HubSpot Build My Persona tool to build well-defined characters using a ready-made prototype with powerful questions.

4. Your Database & Tailor Messages Segment

First, find out who the email marketing plan is going to reach and what you are meant to achieve.   Then you can determine how to segment your list based on the details you have obtained from prospects and leads. You may use, for instance, male-to-female categories, active subscribers versus inactive subscribers, location, etc.

You are also expected to segment the marketing persona. For example, if you have defined and created four different types of customers, you can (and should) create a unique section for each type. The aim of segmenting your list is that you can now customize your message, tone and angle based on your individual needs and wishes. Every type of persona will then receive a personalized email that appeals to their particular needs – so much more effective than the tiresome one-size-fits-all messages.

5. Grant Access & Choices To Your Customers

Not everybody would like to receive the same marketing message at the same time. Offer your customers the opportunity to keep them satisfied and allow them to retain a sense of control. For example, does a particular customer want to receive your newsletter once a month rather than the standard once a week?

How To Offer Choices To Your Customers:

  • Ask them how often they would like to receive your e-mails.
  • Offer them choices for various types of content and allow them to select which type/types of content they get.
  • Ask for reviews – interview the customers and ask what kind of content they ‘re most interested in. You may use this information to help your email campaigns.

6. Automate Your Marketing Messages

You can use marketing automation tools to help trigger lead nurturing campaigns based on your customer’s content consumption and interests. For instance, if a prospective lead downloads a lead magnet, you can set your marketing automation tool to automatically enter it into a lead nurturing campaign that delivers content relevant to the original topic and their assumed interests.

Essentially, marketing automation tools let you segment your database and automate your email messages to deliver targeted messages that meet your customer’s needs. Considering to invest in a marketing automation platform? Wedesign Digital Marketing Agency offers one of the best marketing automation systems to trigger lead nurturing campaigns.

Email is one of the most important digital marketing skills Nigerian marketers are missing.


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