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4 Tips To Create Persuasive Emails & Good Open Rate

What do you think about email marketing? Creepy, worthless, aimless, dated? Well, what if you were told that email marketing has an ROI of 4.3 per cent? Perhaps, you could look at your newsletter in a more different way?

Below, we will tell you how to woo your readers to get good open rates on an email sent. It’s all about defining your message, adding value and creating a bit of intrigue along the way.

1. Decide What You Want & Continue Doing It

You are going to ask your readers, for one thing, just one message, one call-to-action. You have to know this well in advance of creating your newsletter – after all, that’s why you are writing it in the first place. Throughout this point, it is absolutely important to have a clear understanding of who you are targeting and of the particular action you want them to take above all else. Your email content is intended to charm your reader to take this one step.

What Do You Want Your Readers To Do:

  • Download a report?
  • Sign up for a course?
  • Attend an event?
  • Buy a new product?

2. Write Subject Lines That Will Beg To Be Clicked

The overall open email rate is 21.72 per cent. It means that 78.28 per cent of your customers do not see your message. Creating a convincing subject line is always the most difficult part as it has two main parts:
1. It must be easy and clearly describe what is included in your email.
2. Your customer wants to be persuaded and fascinated by clicking through.

Before you write a single word, pause and think: what value do I offer to customers? How do they take care of that? What do I want them to know more than anything else? Seek to steer out of the pushy or salesy words. This puts people off, according to MailChimp.

How To Write The Best Subject Line:

  • Make it simple, nonsensical and non-salesy.
  • Tease your readers a bit, stirring their imagination sufficiently to make a click.
  • Grab attention and catch the eye (try symbols and one-word subject lines to stand out amongst the crowd).
  • Focus on the customer, please.
  • Immediately express the value proposition and do not misinterpret it.

3. Keep The Body Of The Email Clean And Clear

Your newsletter structure should be clear and easy to read. Seek to strike a balance between informative text and visually attractive pictures. Formatting is extremely essential, so choose a good email provider that lets you form your content in the way you perceive things. We recommend Mailchimp for beginners.

Your copy will clearly describe why readers will click on it or read it. Let them know exactly what they’re going to expect when they do. The typical email click-through rate is just 2-3 per cent so your call-to-action needs to work extra hard to persuade and convert.

Compelling Call to Actions:

  • Use words that are actionable.
  • They ‘re kept short and succinct.
  • Catch the reader’s eye with smart formatting.
  • Make them insignificant, but yet exciting.
  • Using the FOMO as your urgency language, e.g. ‘now,’ ‘limited.’
  • Stand-alone and get all the attention.

4. Cater To Their Needs And Expectations

When creating your email, it’s essential to think about how you can make life easier for your customers. Think: What do they want from an email? How are they going to consume my content? Is my message relevant enough for them?

Get the most useful and relevant:

  • Use a responsive template to make it easy for customers to read your email on the go.
  • Flatter their egos through personalization.
  • Segment your email list and create unique and targeted content based on their individual interests and needs.

Email marketing is one of the main digital marketing skills that most marketers lack. We’ve tested the skills of a number of marketers, and we’re shocked that almost all of them are not taking advantage of the technology.



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