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8 unique ways to promote your business using videos

If you are looking at ways to promote your business using videos, this article shares some valuable tips. In my last post, I shared some reasons why you should consider making videos as part of your digital marketing strategy and online promotion effort, the feedback was great and I hope you will also check it out

One of the reasons some businesses are not currently using videos is because of the associated cost, professional high-quality videos can be expensive but with mobile devices like smartphones, you can start putting out lower quality authentic content that your clients will find interesting especially if you are a small business.

Before you put out any video, you need to first determine the kind of video you intend to put out. If you are putting out a personalized message, a behind the scene or a live stream of your event, just whip out your phone, find a good light source and start recording.

Before you start recording, it is important you know the different kinds of business promotional videos and the purpose before you continue. I have dedicated this post to that purpose.

Types of Business Promotional Videos

Demo Videos

If you just launch a new product or service then demo video is the way to go, demo videos showcase how your product works. You can use it in taking viewers on a tour of your product and how it can be used; demonstrate a new function on your website or unboxing and putting a physical product to the test. Demo videos can be used to generate interest in your product, it is advisable to seek expert help for this kind of video.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are typically created as a single video or as a part of a larger advertising campaign, showcasing the company’s high-level vision, mission, or products and services. The goal of brand videos is to position your brand, build awareness around your company and to intrigue and attract your target audience. When creatively deployed, it can be used for a brand awareness campaign

Event Videos

Is your business hosting a conference, round table discussion, fundraiser, or another type of event? Produce a highlight reel or release interesting interviews and presentations from the gathering. If you regularly host an event then previous event videos will be sufficient in marketing the next event. The full event video might be too long but producing a couple of sound bites will highlight key moments at the event. 

Educational or How-To Videos

Instructional videos can be used to teach your audience something new or build the foundational knowledge they’ll need to better understand your business and solutions. These videos can also be used by your sales and service teams as they work with customers, it will help you save time on customer support. For example, if you sell services software or templates, producing a how-to video will reduce the amount of time used to support your subscribers. 

Explainer Videos

This form of video is used to help your audience understand better why they need your product or service. An explainer videos focus on the fictional journey of the company’s core buyer, who is struggling with a problem. This person overcomes the problem by adopting or buying a business solution. Ensure that you understand the issue that your future customers are looking to solve, then properly illustrate it in the video before offering your product or service as a solution.

Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

Your prospects want to know that your product can (and will) solve their specific problem. One of the best ways to prove this is by creating case study videos that feature your satisfied, loyal customers. These folks are your best advocates. Get them on-camera describing their challenges and how your company helped solve them.

Live Videos

Live video gives your viewers a special, behind-the-scenes look at your company. It also draws longer streams and higher engagement rates — viewers spend up to 8x longer with live video than with video-on-demand. Live-stream interviews, presentations, and events, and encourage viewers to comment with questions. 

Animated Videos

Animated videos can be a great format for hard-to-grasp concepts that need strong visuals or to explain an abstract service or product. It’s a brief video that delivers a business idea in a simple, engaging and direct way. It combines cool animations, appealing images and a clear language to quickly grab the viewer’s attention.
No matter what you’re offering or selling, video is all about storytelling. It’s time to tell the most authentic and compelling stories you can about your products or services. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for ways to promote your business using videos, it’s important to determine the right type of video for your organization based on the story you want to tell or the objectives of your campaign. Know your budget to determine if you will be working with a professional or if you need to do it yourself.

If you want to do it yourself, ensure you have good light facing your subject and also try to stabilize your phone or camera by placing it on some kind of tripod
If your organization needs help with creating videos, it’s best to find a qualified service provider who understands your objectives and can advise you on the best option that will suit your objectives.

I hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. See you on the next one.


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