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Challenges in Vlogging and How To Handle Them

Since YouTube first launched more than ten years ago, vlogging has become an important part of the entertainment industry. There are thousands of channels and thousands of creators who make their livelihoods through making videos. Because so many people are self-employed through YouTube, many of them face the same work-related issues.

Here are five common challenges vloggers face and how to handle them.

1. You’re relying on YouTube to notify subscribers of new video uploads.

Since YouTube launched the notification bell to notify subscribers about new video uploads, vloggers and viewers have discovered that the tool does not function properly. Many producers have seen a significant decline in views between videos as a result of their subscribers not being notified.

However, YouTube is not your only choice for informing your fans about new video uploads. Post notification functions on social media networks such as Instagram and Twitter are functional. When you publish a new video, share the link on all of your social media accounts right away. Follow the advice in this piece to persuade your followers to enable social media post alerts.

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2. Your audience isn’t consistent.

Consistent viewership is vital since videos with the most views on the day they are released will display as suggested videos to more potential viewers, but even vloggers with millions of subscribers might experience drastically varied statistics from video to video. If your subscribers aren’t sure when to expect a new video, they might not be able to watch it until a few days later.

Maintain a strict posting schedule of your own to ensure that your videos become a part of your viewers’ weekly schedules. Choose a specific day or days of the week, as well as a general time period, that works best for your target demographic. You may create a poll or experiment with different upload timings to discover which time slot your viewers prefer.

3. You are unable to fund the videos you wish to create.

Your YouTube income is likely to fluctuate from month to month because of shifting view numbers. Even if you have sponsorships or other ventures to augment your income, it may not appear to be enough to fund the videos you want to make. Everyone has video ideas that they simply cannot afford to make on their own, whether they are just starting out or have been generating videos for a long time.

This is where crowdsourcing comes into play. You can raise the finances you need to generate the type of content your audience wants to see if you have the support of your audience. For one-time projects, many vloggers use Kickstarter, while others use Patreon for monthly funding. YouTube is introducing its own Patreon-style crowdsourcing option called Channel Memberships, which can be found here.

It’s not just up-and-coming creators who are having difficulty funding their more ambitious projects. Last year, longtime YouTuber KickThePJ discovered that his YouTube earnings were insufficient to sustain the type of videos he was enthusiastic about making. He enabled himself to create an ambitious Patreon-funded video every month on top of his weekly videos by starting a Patreon for his channel.

4. You want to create videos based on old trends.

Every now and then, a new video goes viral on the internet. Suddenly, it appears that every Vlogger is hopping on board and creating a similar video of their own. However, trends fade, and the same type of video that had millions of views a few weeks ago no longer performs well.

Maybe you truly liked a certain fashion. Perhaps your audience wants more, or you had a great time shooting those videos. If you want to revitalize an existing trend, consider how you may put a new spin on it.

A few years ago, the internet beauty community was swept up in the trend of replicating someone else’s makeup technique. Though FX makeup artist Mykie, the inventor of Glam & Gore, did not produce one of these videos when they were famous, she recently decided to make one. Rather than merely copying someone else’s tutorial, Mykie approached her roommate for new ideas. The girls agreed that Mykie would attempt to recreate a James Charles tutorial using only the voiceover.

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5. You are out of video ideas.

Every vlogger experiences times when they feel as if they have ran out of ideas. When you scroll through your feed, it may appear that every great video concept has already been done. The more frequently you upload, the more likely it is that you will run out of ideas.

However, in order to jumpstart your creativity, remember why you started making videos in the first place. You started this business since your mind is full of video ideas that your audience will enjoy. You only need to brainstorm in order to reach those thoughts.


If you are having difficulty with your vlogging career, you are not alone. Examine the work of other creators to understand how they overcame comparable challenges. Keep in mind that you can and will succeed as a Vlogger.


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