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9 Ideas For Social Media Videos

Social video is an excellent way to present content in an engaging and lively format. Indeed, many social media users now expect brands to communicate with them via video.

There are numerous videos available on social media platforms. Social videos, on the other hand, can be divided into several native content formats.

1. How-and To’s How-To-Guides

How To and Guide videos function similarly to online tutorials. They are simple videos that explain how to use a product, how to make something, or how to complete a specific task. These videos, also known as walkthroughs, typically feature a presenter who can demonstrate how to use a product or service and walk the viewer through some of its key features and benefits. One of the most popular playlists on the DMI YouTube channel is the How-to playlist.

Because they frequently contain popular keywords and phrases that customers are looking for, these types of videos rank highly on YouTube and Google. If they are comprehensive and credible, they can easily influence a user’s purchase decision.

2. Explainer Videos

YouTube has evolved into far more than just a video-sharing platform. It is not only the best place to watch videos, but it is also a search engine. People look to YouTube for information. Explainer videos can shed light on a subject based on the presenter’s perspective or understanding. These videos can assist users in simplifying complex ideas or trends.

Explainer videos, in general, aim to clearly explain something to viewers. They provide information on specific topics and may also be intended to educate, inspire, and, in some cases, shock viewers into taking action. To raise awareness about climate change, the Our Changing Climate video channel makes good use of explainer videos.

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3. Videos of Interviews and Q&As

Interview and Q&A videos are an excellent way to engage your audience with insightful and exclusive content, while also communicating information about your industry and expertise. You could film interviews with industry thought leaders and influencers, team members, or even customers.

While you can prepare your own questions, you can keep your fans more engaged by collecting their questions. Make an announcement ahead of time and collect their questions via social media. Then gather and vet those questions to see which ones would be appropriate for your topic or theme.

In addition to interviewing others, you could hold a solo Q&A session in which you address your audience’s pressing questions while providing value and showcasing your business expertise. This format works best with live video because it allows you to connect with the audience more effectively in real time.

4. Challenges

In most challenge videos, a participant records themselves taking a popular challenge and then posts the content, encouraging others to try it as well. Challenge videos have a good chance of going viral, especially on platforms like TikTok, the world’s fastest growing social network.

Dances, pranks, practical jokes, and tricks spread quickly, especially when they incorporate a popular dance track as audio or a trending hashtag. They are collaborative videos, and the results are sometimes hilarious. The ice bucket challenge, which raised awareness for the ALS Association, is a great example of one of the original challenge formats used by a brand.

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5. Behind the Scenes (BTS)

Through authentic and engaging behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos, you can give people a glimpse of what it’s like behind the scenes. These videos are ideal for highlighting your company culture and recognizing the people behind your brand. They can assist you in humanizing your brand, establishing trust, and strengthening your connection with your target audience.

You could give your audience office tours or take them backstage at an event in which you are involved. You could also show them your employees in action by using a ‘day in the life’ theme, or even the manufacturing process of your products. Microsoft used a series of BTS ‘ day-in-the-life videos to demonstrate how employees worked from home during the pandemic lockdown.

6. Run-Throughs

Playthrough videos, also known as ‘Let’s Play’ videos, are most commonly associated with the video game industry. Viewers get to see the creator’s point of view as he or she plays a video game while explaining what’s going on.

Video game companies frequently encourage creators to create Play Through videos because they can provide more information on how the game was created.

7. Live Broadcast

Live Broadcasts are videos that feature a live conversation, performance, or virtual event. An interview, announcement, news broadcast, or a report on an ongoing event are all examples. Because most major platforms now provide live video broadcasting to all users, there has been a significant increase in live streaming activity, particularly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As more events were forced online, consumers gained trust in the live streaming format.

Live broadcasts can benefit brands because they can foster more personal relationships with viewers, they attract high engagement, and they are relatively simple to implement. 

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8. Recaps

Recap videos contain content in which the host or hosts discuss a subject, most commonly other forms of media such as comic books, video games, television shows, or movies. Many TV networks use this format to promote high-profile TV shows or movies. For example, a panel could discuss the most recent episode of a popular television show.

9. Reviews

Review videos are created when video creators try out and review a new product that their audience might be interested in. They can be created by amateurs or experts to provide feedback on a product.

Brands frequently provide creators with access to their products in exchange for a review. Obviously, a company wants that review to be positive! Often, review videos include an unboxing process, in which the user excitedly unwraps the product from its packaging and shares their thoughts on every aspect of how the product is presented with the viewer.

Consider which combination of formats would work best for your marketing campaign when developing your social video strategy.

In conclusion, while producing videos for social media can be time consuming, it’s worthwhile to invest in the process. Keeping your videos relevant to your brand will ensure that they are not only engaging but also valuable. Social media videos are a great way to promote you and your company. Take advantage of this opportunity with the 9 tips that have been discussed.

Promote your business with social media videos!


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