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How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest is a visual social network that focuses mostly on creative graphics and crafts. Users post photographs and videos to demonstrate their abilities, products, or services. Its goal is more about social discovery than social networking. Pinterest should be a component of your social media strategy if you want leads to discover your brand.

Pinterest is frequently used as an information resource by potential buyers when they are planning to make a purchase. Every concept is represented by a Pin, which is a picture or video that Pinterest users search for and save. Your Pins can also link back to your website, assisting in driving traffic and increasing conversions.

Boards are used to collect pins. Users frequently collect images from websites and other sources all over the world and save them to their own Boards. As a result, it is an excellent medium for content curation. Other users, such as influential Pinterest users and larger brands, frequently create their own content for their Board. Pinterest can be a fantastic tool for showcasing your brand’s competence in content production.

Who Goes on Pinterest?

Around 60% of Pinterest users are female, although male users are increasing. Much of the platform’s development is being driven by Generation Z and Millennials. Pinterest is popular among people who are interested in the creative and visual arts.

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Which Pinterest account should you create?

On Pinterest, there are two kinds of accounts:

1. Business Account

2. Personal Account

You should create a business account on Pinterest if you want to use it to promote your brand and attract clients. Having a business account has a number of significant advantages for your brand:

  • Access to rich Pins: A rich Pin has more information about your landing page than a typical Pin.
  • Brand authority: A business account has a customized header at the top of your page with your own branded pins and a verified website link, which personal account do not have.
  • Advertising: Pinterest business account can display advertising that are tailored to user interests, search behavior, and demographics that are relevant to your company.
  • Insights: Creating a Pinterest business account grants you access to analytics for your Pins, particularly those saved from your website.

What kind of content should you pin?

Pins are visual bookmarks that you may save to boards.

You may:

  • You can make your own Pins.
  • Save Pinterest Pins that you come across.
  • Add fresh ones from the internet.

You can boost traffic to your website by linking back to it on Pinterest. This makes it great for generating awareness and, as a result, prospective conversions.

So, what should you put on your Pins to help your brand? Your Pins can include either an image or a video. The following are the greatest types of postings for advertising a business, selling items or services, and increasing visitors to a website:

  • Products
  • How-and To’s Product Demonstrations
  • Recipes
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Promotions

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How frequently should you pin on Pinterest?

It’s an excellent idea to save Pins on a frequent basis!

Consistent everyday action is preferable to a rush of activity once a week. Consider how much content you have and set out regular periods in your social media schedule to devote to Pinterest.

Unlike other social networks, where your entire audience reach often occurs within the first 24 hours, your content’s reach on Pinterest will continue to grow as Pinners discover and save your Pins. Because your content has a better possibility of being evergreen on Pinterest, writing continuously over a period of months is the greatest method to establish a loyal following.

How to improve the performance of your Pins?

You must generate content that is appropriate for Pinterest’s style. As a result, your content will have a better chance of standing out and appealing to your target audience.

To optimize a Pin, use the following recommended practices:

1. Consider the location of your logo.

Put your branding on every single one of your Pin designs to increase brand strength and recognition. Placing it near the top or bottom of your Pin is an excellent method to ensure your mark is seen without overpowering the image.

2. Make use of vertical pins.

Vertical pins are preferred by Pinterest over horizontal pins. One reason for this is that vertical pins take up more space in the feed, resulting in a more consistent look and feel. The ideal Pinterest graphic has a 2:3 aspect ratio.

3. Make use of bold text.

Although you should keep any text on your Pin to a minimal, it is crucial to use bold for any content that you want to stand out from the crowd. Text should be easily seen on both desktop and mobile platforms, and it should not blend in with the backdrop image.

4. Make use of high-quality images.

Make use of high-quality imagery and video in your Pins. When possible, use professional photos, especially for any products you are promoting.

5. Make use of seasonal contents.

Pinners plan twice as early as other platform users, so give yourself lots of time to prepare and distribute seasonal content.

6. Use Pinterest SEO.

Pinterest is primarily a visual search engine, which means it has its own algorithm and SEO regulations. To watch your rating rise, you must concentrate on Pinterest SEO and apply these rules to your own profile. Include keywords related to your Pins in both the title and the description. These keywords must be relevant to what is highlighted in your content as well as what consumers are truly looking for.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social platforms, but it may also play an important role in your whole social media strategy.


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