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7 Vlogging Kits To Get You Started

Vlogging begins with strong content that will keep the audience engaged from start to finish. And, vloggers include as much spice, adventure, and variety in their content as possible in order to generate likes, shares, follows, and a large fan base on specific platforms. However, vlogging cannot be started without a precise set of tools; otherwise, all of your master-mind thoughts will be incomplete.

You must be prepared with your vlogging package, which includes anything from a 4K camera to microphones, lighting, and tripods. Aside from these, editing software is essential for creating the final vlogging clips.

Let’s take a look at the 7 vlogging kits to get you started “Yes” for your thriving job.

1. Putting the Camera to Work

Without a camera, vlogging or video blogging is nothing. As a newbie, you may be perplexed by the concept of quality above quantity. As a result, you may be looking for the most expensive camera to ensure that your video footage is glitch-free. However, there are other possibilities for vloggers among DSLR, mirrorless, and GoPro cameras that are also within your budget.

Among the mirror-less camera alternatives are the Sony A6400, Panasonic Lumix G100, and Fujifilm X-S10. Whereas the Sony ZV-1, DJI Pocket 2, and Insta360 One X2 are excellent bargains in the compact camera market. Choose cameras that include an external microphone port, a flippable LCD screen, and offer 4k video quality.

2. Check Sound

Aside from a stunning picture and surroundings on your high-definition camera, audio also plays a role. If your vlogging output is terrible audio for your viewers, your efforts can be ruined. You may count on the best economic microphones available on the market for stunning sound recording for vloggers.

You can choose between USB microphones, lavalier mics, external microphones, and shotgun microphones. Some top-tier recommendations from globally famous vloggers are the RDE VideoMic Pro, Sennheiser ew 112p G3, and Blue Yeti. Ensure that the microphone you choose allows you to record in real time with high-quality audio and that you can change the parameters.

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3. Support for the Camera

You can’t always hold the camera for vlogging. Your camera requires sturdy support so that it can stand and settle. In the case of a heavier camera, support is not just an option; it is a must. Purchase a camera tripod to use with your YouTube videos and other similar projects. In addition, for a better camera grip, you can use a monopod or selfie stick. A good camera support preserves your movie from unwanted shaking and maintains the video quality stable.

Magnus VT-4000 and Benro S4 Head with Aluminum Flip Lock Legs are suitable for heavy camera bodies. If you are a travel vlogger, nothing beats the Joby GorillaPod support equipment. Also, if you have a little on-the-go camera, a Spivo 360 selfie stick will suffice.

4. Is a Drone Necessary?

No, not for a beginner. Beginner vloggers typically avoid using drones in favour of focusing on the fundamentals. However, if you are more interested in shooting aerial images for stunning outputs, a drone is a must-have. Furthermore, having a drone in your vlogging bag is  necessary.

Drones from the DJI brand, on the other hand, are personal favorites of seasoned vloggers. DJI Mavic Air 2 allows for terrestrial photos that are compatible with mirrorless cameras. This device can record 4K films at 60 frames per second and slow motion footage at 1080p. Furthermore, GPS stabilization and obstacle avoidance are two key advantages of this drone.

5. Indoor Vlogging Necessitates the use of Lighting.

If you are a YouTube influencer or another type of social media content creator, you may need to shoot videos in your studio or at home. And, without the proper lighting equipment for your vlogs, your magical camera will not be able to do marvels. Your followers may lose interest in your content if you do not provide timely and crisp lighting. So, choose the ideal lighting selections to control your limelight opportunities.

Investing in lighting will give you a more professional appearance, and your audience will be able to notice the minute aspects of your video. If you run a beauty channel, you may, for example, purchase a ring light. These lights are available from Spectrum-brand. If you are shooting in your studio, a ring light won’t be appropriate. You can use the Lighting Umbrellas package instead.

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6. Cutting-Edge: Editing Software

You won’t be able to represent all of the footage you have captured on your vlogging camera. Every vlogger needs editing software to keep their content brief and to the point. As a beginner, you can use free editors to cut and paste footage together. Premium software versions, on the other hand, are far more advantageous for a professional touch.

You may use Windows Movie Maker on any PC that runs Windows. You can, on the other hand, use the built-in iMovie software on your MacBooks. Furthermore, Final Cut Pro X is a program worth mentioning for a user-friendly editing experience and the desired output. You can also take a look at Adobe Premiere Pro.

7. Your Travel Companion: The Backpack

You can’t just put out all your vlogging necessities in your hands, can you? All you need to do is find a decent backpack to keep all of your vlogging equipment in one place. The purpose of the vlogging-specific bag is to safeguard all of the fragile and pricey items from weather and other mishaps.

Any backpack, however, may transport your belongings. However, for a small vacation with your vlogging equipment, you should opt for specific bags. Experts recommend the TUBU Large Camera Backpack and the Bagsmart Camera Backpacks.

Did You Leave Anything Out?

Don’t worry, we will assist you in recalling them. In your vlogging backpack, keep extra batteries, a power bank, a wind-shield, and SD cards. You can also make room for a webcam on your vlogging channel for brief videos or on-the-go tutorials. So, keep seeking for good content and shooting from the appropriate angles if you want to be the next big vlogging phenomenon.


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