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10 Best Mobile Apps For Content Strategy

The amount of content generated on mobile devices long ago surpassed that of desktop, and the number of Google searches conducted on mobile devices is now more than ten times that of computer screens.

All of this points to an unavoidable conclusion: smartphones are becoming more relevant than computers. As a result, we naturally begin to demand more of them. While it was once sufficient to simply access content on a mobile device, we now all want to be a part of it. We want to take notes, handle documents, make videos or animations, apply filters and effects, and instantly upload them to social media or YouTube.

To meet the demand, a whole new class of mobile apps has emerged. These are the apps that allow you to build and manage digital content on mobile and the web. They are finally breaking down old barriers and the the diversity, strength, and eventually accessibility of content at all times.

Mobile content development applications are typically classified as productivity apps. And they do increase productivity, particularly if you are a busy professional.

As a content marketer, if you aren’t mobile-ready, you’re either hindering the success of your campaigns or generating extra work for yourself. Let’s take a look at the content development apps that are currently dominating the market and see what makes them special.

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Here are ten of the most important content marketing applications for your smartphone.


Evernote has been around for years and has evolved into one of the most powerful productivity tools for the entire generation of mobile users. Evernote does more than just allowing you to save content. Evernote provides a comprehensive set of powerful tools for annotating documents, creating checklists, and organizing material into folders. All of this allows it to produce a whole new category of content—meaningful and information-rich content.

If you don’t like it for any reason or need more cloud storage, consider NoteLedge, a cross-platform option. It includes a Kdan Cloud solution and allows you to synchronize all of your digital properties.


Trello is a fantastic project management application that isn’t just for the internet. When you have a packed schedule and need to catch up with tasks on the go, getting a smartphone experience is crucial. Trello helps you to build and manage boards directly from your mobile device, which significantly improves the effectiveness and precision of teamwork.


Social media administrators are very busy people who adore their mobile devices. Buffer’s team recognized this and developed a very cool mobile version of their tool as a result. It has the same functionality as Buffer’s web app and has a very simple and understandable user interface. It can be used to schedule social media posts even while on vacation—it just takes a few minutes and is a lot of fun.


Google Docs would not be named that if they were not cross-platform available. The mobile Google Docs apps, which follow Google’s minimalistic style, are fairly simple while still allowing you to perform all required operations. You can now ditch your laptop and work solely on your mobile device. For any digital specialist, this is an extremely valuable superpower.


Slack has been almost indispensable for many teams all over the world. And it wouldn’t be half as effective if it didn’t have the mobile content development experience. Many people complain that using a mobile app causes work issues to intrude into their personal lives, but in the end, it is up to the individual to strike a balance and manage the push-notifications settings.

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If you work as a content creator, you probably never stop searching for inspiration for the next big concept in the form of content. Whether it’s a content format you think will fit brilliantly for something you are working on, an article to schedule to your social feeds, or you have found a potential influencer that might help you promote your next campaign.

The issue is that you often discovered these fantastic pieces of content by chance. Perhaps someone on social media posted something, or you came across a “hot topic” on LinkedIn while commuting.

If you find yourself in this situation on a regular basis, you can download Pocket. Their tagline is simple: “When you find something you want to watch later, put it in Pocket.”


If you’re a content marketer and haven’t used Quora in the last few years, where have you been?

Quora is a place to learn and share information, as well as a goldmine for ideas for your next blog post, infographic, or social conversation.

Use it on your computer when you are on the go to:

  • Keep up to date on the hot issues that the community is debating.
  • Recognize trends in conversation topics.
  • Find out what questions are being asked.

Can your next piece of content assist in answering a frequently asked question? Quora will assist you in identifying these issues. It also provides a forum for you to promote your content after it has been created in related threads.


Have you ever had to put together a last-minute blog post or submit the critical idea document when you were away from your desk? Who hasn’t done it?

When you need to write an urgent piece of copy but don’t have your laptop or desktop nearby, your only option is usually to use your phone. And anyone who has had to do so will understand how even the best copywriters will find their mobile-written work fraught with spelling and grammatical errors.

Sometimes, mobile keyboards are so difficult to use!

If you have ever struggled to write on your phone without making awkward errors, you can get Grammarly Keyboard. This easy yet useful addition to any software allows you to write with ease, detecting errors and recommending corrections.

Grammarly Keyboard will undoubtedly become the most-used mobile working tool.


CoSchedule promotes itself as “The #1 Marketing Calendar.” Many that use it on a desktop computer would be relieved to learn that it is now available on mobile devices. Those who aren’t already using it, on the other hand, should start!

Their own marketing material promotes the tool as a way to “eliminate endless email threads, fragmented workflows, and a dozen and a half moving parts (in various tools) and get all organized in ONE place, so you (and your team) can concentrate on the important stuff.”

In short, CoSchedule enables teams to work more effectively on content and social projects, with the amazing calendar serving as a key feature for content marketing, enabling you to prepare campaigns and view deadlines for the upcoming timeframe.


This is for content marketers who are actively involved in the outreach phase of content promotion, especially those who work remotely or pitch to people in different time zones.

Boomerang, a Gmail app that many people are already familiar with, is a perfect way to schedule emails to send at a particular time.

When doing outreach, which is challenging enough from your phone, it’s critical to approach journalists, writers, and publishers when they are likely to be more responsive. That is, if you are operating through different time zones, you must be able to deliver an email to their inbox at the appropriate time.

Another fantastic feature is that you will be able to see who has opened your emails at any time, from your computer. Ideal for checking in on campaigns after hours.

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You can also use a variety of other great content creation apps. However, without being too personal, these ten are the most useful.

Using your mobile in your workflow will help you stay productive even when you are not in the office. You did be surprised how much you can do with the right software on your mobile devices!


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