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How To Get More Clients Via Social Media Marketing

Primarily, the main objective of going into business is to increase your income and generate more revenue. You will agree with me that you are not fit to be in business if you can not generate sales.

Clients and customers are what make your business go round, they’re the very lifeblood of your business. Without them, you don’t have a company.

One of the (many) beautiful things about the advancement of technology and social media is that business owners now have new ways to reach their target audience and secure new clients.

I hear people say, they have spent years developing their skills but yet they are not as productive as they should be. In this article, I will be introducing how to get more clients using social media.

Social media is an excellent tool to generate clients if it is used correctly.

Social media is one of the most helpful tools to generate more clients for your business. Clients are essential to your business because without them, you don’t generate any revenue and your business ceases to exist.

There are tons of clients out there, but you can’t wait for them to come to you, you must go seek them.

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This is why social media is an essential tool for any business to generate more clients.

If you’re wondering how to get more clients, how to get clients fast, or how to reach more customers through social media, follow these tips.

1. Get the right platform

The first tip on attracting customers through social media is to make sure that you are using the right social media platform.

Every social media platform is not for your business, you must understand the peculiarity of your business before leveraging on the social platform.

What you should know before selecting the desired platform for your business

– The nature of your business
– Who are your customers
– What social media platforms do they visit to make a purchase
– What time do they visit those platform
– What time is best to engage your clients on the platform

Each social media platform is better for different aspects and you should understand each platform before you decide to dedicate a lot of effort to marketing for more clients on that platform.

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To generate more clients for your business, you must make sure that you are using the social media platforms that your ideal prospects are using to connect

2. Create a top-of-the-mind profile

The second most important factor to consider if you desire to get more clients via social media marketing is your business profile or personal profile( if need be) to stand out. I always tell people, What you have on your social media platform sums up the following:

– Who you are
– What you represent
– Your values
– Your level of excellence
– What you are passionate about
– The thoughts you communicate
– Ensure that your content and profile are consistent across all social media channels Interact with clients

That is why you can not just put up anything you feel, you must be intentional about what your profile represents to your clients.

The Kind of image, logo, brand color, brand elements, etc. All these are key factors that must be considered while setting up your business profile.

Building a strong social persona is essential to generate more clients. Make sure that you are maintaining your company profile to maximize your engagement efforts.

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3. Find your niche

The next factor to consider is finding your niche, I always tell people, Everyone can not be your customer, you must understand your area of interest, passion, the problem you can solve, your competitors, and your idea.

Why you should identify your business niche

– It helps you establish a loyal customer base
– It helps you minimize competition
– It reduces marketing costs
– It helps you establish yourself as an expert and thought leader in the field
– Focusing on your niche can increase your profit

4. Be social and conversational

Another factor to consider after you must have found your niche is being social and conversational.

We know that being social is good for us, and talking with others can be a great way to not just relieve stress but improve our communication and relationships with others.

The best way to increase sales is not just to want to sell or want to solve a problem, Relationship is one key that has been neglected which is a strong approach to making sales.

Conversations are supposed to be fun, don’t be too quick to introduce what you sell, enjoy the process.

Always remember that the conversation is not all about you or your business, Make sure there is a balance between talking and listening in any conversation even though social media makes life difficult.

We are used to broadcasting our views, and then responding if others comment. That can feel like the start of a conversation but, when you’re face to face, it’s not polite to start by broadcasting your views.

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Way To Keep A Conversation

  •  Be friendly and polite
  •  Relate genuinely
  •  Listen more if possible than talking
  •  Reach out in meaningful ways
  •  Be willing to help
  •  Be ready to be of value
  •  Be time conscious

Key Take Away

One of the biggest challenges agency owners encounter is a decrease in the quality of work they deliver as their business grows.

You must maintain a consistently high standard of work as you increase sales and meet new clients. The best way to do this is to plan for scale as soon as you land your first big client



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