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How Brands Use Instagram During COVID-19?

A brand’s presence on social media is crucial in a moment of uncertainty in helping them ride the wave, speak with their customers, and be heard as they wish.

In a way, Instagram has been transformed into something more intimate. The way we post the pictures of packed social life has transformed into pictures inside the four walls of which we live. Some have regarded this as a competitive advantage, although others are able to admit that actually they can’t really do much.

When we can’t see all of our loved ones, it makes sense for people to connect even more through social media, whether it’s with friends and family, or to seek distraction from their favourite influencers and brands.

How brands are being posted also needs to be adapted. ‘Business as usual’ posts will no longer be cut and may come off as insensitive, especially when it comes to selling. And while a lot of brands share ‘we’re here for you’ posts and call it a job well done, it can be portrayed as a tone-deaf and it just isn’t enough.

If your brand has followed either of these strategies, don’t worry, it’s not too late to change the way you use social media this time and be better off. You can make good use of your Instagram platform, which will help you solidify your brand in challenging times.

Win Customers On Board

It’s not time to get dark on social media. Your followers need to know that you’re still doing the best you can for your customers.

Using Instagram is a great way to show what you still have on offer, even if it looks a little different than usual.

Use Instagram Stories and Feed posts to show the behind-the-scenes of what your business is up to, what you can still do for your customers, and that morality remains high.

This is your chance to give insights into your business that your followers would not normally get. This will create a more personal relationship between your brand and your followers and keep them coming back to check for updates.

Ensure Safety and Increasing Brand Trust

People want to know that they will be safe when interacting with your brand. And a lot of brands are showing how safe they are through Instagram.

While an informative post on all of your social distancing procedures and the steps you take during COVID-19 is helpful, take it further by incorporating visual posts and humorous captions that focus on social distancing and safety.

Show how safe you are, not just say it. This method is already widely used by eateries and shopping centres.

Smart Advertisement

Advertising can easily be a tone-deaf in times of crisis, but there are certainly a lot of brands producing great ads.

The key here is not to shove products down the throats of the customers. Instead, be expressive, offer value and show off these ideas as you adjust your offerings to meet new customer needs.

Add Value

Now is the time to focus less on direct conversions and more on value-added and resource-providing.

This strategy is about a long game, and you’re going to play a useful and beneficial role for your followers. In addition, having your social presence as a positive place to turn around will keep you watchful and help customers remember you at the end of all this.

While it may not be the case for everyone, many people currently have a little more time on their sleeves and are looking for great content to keep them entertained.

Several brands use this method to focus on building their brand rather than their sales.

Stay Connected

We are lucky that we have so many resources that allow us to keep away from each other physically without isolating ourselves on social media.

Staying connected is particularly important if your business has had to close due to restrictions.

You want your brand to stay in front of your customers, even if you’re not fully operational.

Stores can use Instagram for their benefit in particular. They can go from being a poster to posting regular product updates and video to maintaining contact with their customers.

Build Brand Loyalty

If you use Instagram in the right way, you will increase your brand loyalty. It’s time to prove your worth as a business.

Communicate frequently with your customers, be transparent, be genuine, do not spread misinformation and put your customers first.

Brands can use surprise and delight techniques to foster their relationship with customers by providing unexpected rewards.

Doing these your brand will be in a great position to build brand loyalty.

Things To Be Avoided

Pushing Sales

We know times are tough and your sales may be struggling, but with a lot of people experiencing financial hardship, it could just push them further away. Best case scenario they ignore posts, worst case you might lose your business in the future.

Sharing The News On COVID-19

While it is important to recognize the current circumstances, unless you have a reliable and trusted news source, you do not need to act as a COVID-19 authority.

If it’s something that directly involves your brand/industry and what you’re trying to do at this time, you might want to create something responsive about it. But leave the news to the media and the government, and keep your socials as a positive and valuable space for people to turn to.


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