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8 Website Conversions That Contractors Can Use To Dominate Their Industry

Optimizing your website for SEO is a vital part of your overall performance. But, if SEO is your breadcrumbs trail, conversion is your pit. The best SEO strategy at the plant will not be effective if you can’t convert your clients to (and on) your website during their journey.

What happens when people click on your website? Are they going to browse your content and connect with your brand? Or are they leaving immediately and searching for additional resources? The trick to responding to these questions is to improve your ROI and score more clients.

For contractors, the calculation of conversions is a complex process. Each contractor has various business requirements, unique pain points and clear objectives. As a result, most contractors use key performance indicators ( KPIs) to assess how effective their site is in transforming prospects. These KPIs contain information like:

  • Bounce rate
  • Site traffic
  • Increased calls from prospects
  • Cost of customer acquisition (COCA)
  • Traffic to lead ratios
  • Landing page conversions
  • eBook and white paper downloads
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Webinar signups

With an average B2B conversion rate of about 1 – 4 per cent, finding a way to hack growth rates is a vital part of creating an effective digital strategy. So, today, we are going to take a look at some successful conversion techniques for the B2B website. With contractors in mind, this post will concentrate exclusively on B2B and contractor-specific conversion methods.

Let’s begin!


Your call-to- action  or (CTA) is a short word , phrase, or picture that prompts your users to take action.   Your CTA is the bread and butter for contractors. If you are going to swell your pipeline with prospects, you need a CTA killer.

Where are you going to position your CTA?
Anywhere, anywhere! Facebook pages with CTAs can increase click-through rates by 285 per cent and CTAs can increase revenue by +1,000 per cent. Did you know that 90 percent of individuals who read the headline on your blog can read the CTA?
CTAs are conversion devices, and you can put them on any piece of content you bring in.

How are you making a convincing CTA?

1. Give users a reason: why should they contact you? Give them a reason to press the contact button.  Check out the CTA of Adron Homes and Properties. It’s simple, succinct, and gives users a reason to contact them for their needs. You have the choice of calling for a consultation or making a purchase right there and there.

2. Urgency: Play with your visitors FOMO (fear of losing out.) If you have a deal, make it clear in the CTA. “Take this one-time Mega Sale Benefit!

3. Brand the CTA: With your CTAs, you can get super creative. Use your voice and your brand to create convincing (and interesting) CTAs. Are you a fun plumbing business, huh? Can you use “Tired of Coping with Life’s * * * *?”

2. INCLUDES Hundreds OF Contact Points

Some businesses can thrive with single contact points (especially B2B brands), but contractors are certainly not one of them. Depending on your vertical location (plumbing, roofing, building, etc.), your customer may need to call you for an emergency.

Make sure you are offering them a way to do that! Put your contact details everywhere. Customers should be able to easily locate your phone number, email address, contact forms, etc. If they can’t, you might miss a chance to convert them.


Landing pages are a vital part of every SEO strategy. In particular, landing pages are used to push your paid campaigns. But not all landing pages are built in the same way.

Did you know that adding a video to your landing page would increase conversions by 86 percent? What about the fact that long-form landing pages are capable of raising conversions by 220 percent?

There are loads of ways you can expand by hacking your landing pages with little effort. The trick here is not to follow a certain trend; it’s to test the landing pages.

A / B testing is the single most productive way to build the best landing pages. Don’t think about it! You are going to have a lot of pages to test A / B. For a single advertisement, 48 per cent of advertisers use a new landing page.


One of the easiest ways to quickly get sales is to add some testimonials to your website/landing page. Don’t you think testimonials work? Dream about it again! 88 % of consumers trust testimonials! Also, consumers are 58% more likely to convert when they see the testimonials.


A common mistake with discounts is that you are going to lose money. Maybe, if you look at revenue as the initial profit from customers. This is a bad way to calculate ROI. Here’s the formula: lifetime value (how much the consumer pays over his or her lifetime as a customer)-customer acquisition expense (how much you paid to get the consumer) 

Discounts are a sure-fire way to raise conversion rates and increase your ROI. In reality, consumers who use coupons/discounts spend 46% more on average. Already, 34 percent of Millennials use weekly coupons!

If you don’t use the coupons, your competitors will.


Why should your clients do business with you, not your competitors? This is your prop value. All the following questions can be answered by a value proposition.

  • Why will your customers have to shop with you?
  • What kind of problem are you solving?
  • Why are you the right one to solve this problem?
  • For a reason, 69% of B2B companies have a value proposition they convert. Customers are much more likely to select the CTA if they know you are the better choice.


Contractors usually operate in a jargon environment. Don’t use the jargon on your website. Lots of companies claim that the jargon makes them sound smart and places them as experts. Instead, it confuses the clients.

If you’re a roofer, don’t say, “Did you break flaunching and damaged eaves? “Your clients may have no idea about what you are saying. Instead, try, “Is your roof damaged? Don’t confuse your clients, make your claims transparent and concise.


Finally, and most important of all, be YOU. Customers note that companies are genuine and open. Did you know that by 2020 the brand will surpass price and quality as the main market differentiator? Also, did you know that 80 percent of consumers believe that authentic voice and content is the most important aspect that causes them to connect and follow a brand?

Being yourself and true to your business is, without a doubt, the single most important aspect of building a conversion machine. Tips, tricks, and fancy numbers can’t keep a finger on credibility and branding. Make sure your website is true to your brand.


Do you have any conversion tips to share? Did any of your campaigns get killer engagement? Share your experience with us in the comments!


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