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How To Transfer Google Analytics Ownership

Transferring Google Analytics data from one account to another is not as complicated as it seems. A visual step-by-step guide to moving an analytics property is given below. You will need the following details before you begin:

  • Your Google Account Login.
  • The Google Email address to which the property will be transferred.

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Make sure you have Manage Users and Edit Permissions enabled in the account you’re transitioning to first.

  1. Sign in to your Google Account and pick a property. Then select ‘Admin.’

2. Click ‘Add the new user.’

3. Click  the + sign.

4. Click ‘Add New User’

5. Add Email and Permissions.

You can now continue with transferring the Property after being added as a User.

6. Return to the Old Google Account and press Property Settings after adding the new user.

7. Click Move Property

8. Select Destination Account.

Select the destination account you want to pass to from the dropdown menu under “Move Property.”

Note: If you don’t see the property, go back to the beginning of this post and make sure the destination account has Manage Users and Edit Permissions enabled.

Select Permission Levels and Begin

9. Select whether or not to keep user permissions from the dropdown menu.

  • Click the Start Now button.
  • On the alert box that appears, click “Confirm.”
  • Check the destination account to see if the transfer was successful.

That’s it! Best wishes.


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